31 March 2014

Seeking Redemption 3: R.A. Dickey 2013 Tier One Triple Swatch

Here is another in a long list of redemption cards I have pending with Topps. I currently have 7 outstanding redemptions, with 5 of them being various R. A. Dickey pieces. I wonder if I will ever see them? I have not yet had the pleasure of actually receiving a redeemed card from Topps, and at times the lack of information on their site brings me great discouragement.

Topps opened up a blog specifically to track their redemptions and who had signed what for them each week. To their credit, the blog was updated regularly for about three months. There hasn't been an update since the end of February.

Anyway, this Triple Swatch parallel completes the set, as I already had redemption codes uploaded for the Single and Double variants.

In other exciting news, I continue to neglect my family and schoolwork to sort and add cards to my Zistle collection tracker. A couple of folks on the site have already proposed trades to me, which is fairly exciting. One negative I ran into was a certain lack of organization in the 2012 Topps and Topps Update sections. There is a lot of inaccuracy and double-posting of sets. The 1987 minis were a huge frustration for me, as was the stupid manufactured ring relic I had from one of the 2012 boxes I opened.

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