08 August 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs 6: Pack 8

Mark Teixeira: -1 (Yankee -1)
Paul O'Neill: -1 (Yankee -1)
Jorge Posada: -1 (Yankee -1)

Mike Mussina: +1 (SP Base Card +2, Yankee -1)

 Josh Hamilton: +2 (A&G Back +2)

Pack 8 Points: 0.00
Box Running Total: 37.00
Per Pack Average: 4.63
Box Pace: 115.63


  1. OUCH!!! With luck, all your Yankee cards were in that pack and no more deductions the rest of the box.

  2. I think that this was the worst of the Yankee packs in this box. I have the posts all queued up and my score has been calculated, but the final post doesn't hit until the 25th of August. It's probably not a huge surprise by now that I don't expect to win this thing. The cards have not been in my favor.

  3. And I don't think I can sit here and look at these posts until the 25th of August.

    I might do two a day to get it over with a little faster. (That's what she said.)