01 September 2014

Breaking it Down 15: 2013-14 National Treasures Basketball

I am thinking about putting these three cards in a frame and hanging them on my wall as a reminder to stop whenever I am considering buying a slot in an online case break. I tried a random team break of 2013-14 National Treasures Basketball, and the random slot I was assigned featured the Denver Nuggets and Charlotte Bobcats. The team slots were combined because there is so little on the checklist for them. I came away with this Kenneth Faried Game Gear Duals memorabilia card numbered # 12 / 99 as my hit in the break.

I also got a couple of base cards from the case. One was another Kenneth Faried card, and the other was a Kemba Walker. The Faried card is numbered # 40 / 99 and the Walker is # 73 / 99. Had I pulled a decent team slot in the break, it would have been pretty good to snag three cards in the break.

Adding insult to injury, during both breaks I watched that evening some decent hits from my favorite basketball player of all time, Hakeem Olajuwon, came up for the Houston Rockets team slot. In fact, going by the recent eBay completed auctions, I could have added an auto/relic and probably one other nice Olajuwon card to my collection for the price of the slot.

Maybe if I follow through with my plan to hang these cards up on my wall, I will stop and think next time I am considering a slot in a group break, "What could I get on eBay from my want list with this money?"

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