05 October 2016

2016 Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Card - Jean Grey by Justin Ayers

I took a day off from Sketch Card Week Part 2, but I believe this is the 6th post in the series. I am going back to the 2016 Marvel Masterpieces well with this post. I believe this was the first Marvel Masterpieces sketch I picked up. I don't have a particular affinity for the character, but I was searching for sketches from the set and this one was ending soon at the right price, so I put in a bid and won it.

The character is Jean Grey / Phoenix, and the artist, Justin Ayers, modeled his card after Jean Grey's card from 1992 Marvel Masterpieces. I recognized the uniform Jean Grey is wearing in the sketch card, but couldn't for the life of me remember where it came from. Eventually I found a page with the information I was looking for, but it took a while. She is dressed in her uniform from the Age of Apocalypse storyline. I probably should have been able to recall that in an instant, but I don't read the X-Books as faithfully as some comic readers do. I think the X-Men are cool and all (I named my kid after an X-Man, even), but I am more drawn in by the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the various Hulks, and some of the lesser-known characters. But a good sketch is a good sketch, and I won't discriminate too much when it comes to adding a new character to my sketch collection.

I linked to Justin Ayers' Twitter above, as that seems to be his most active web presence. He's currently got a pretty awesome Guardians of the Galaxy sketch puzzle posted that is pretty darn sweet.

Here's the back of the card, again featuring the artist's name and the inspiration for the card. Although the two cards I've posted from this set both featured the same character as the original, many artists used the pose from the 1992 Jean Grey card and illustrated a different character. Sketch Card Week is almost over, but there is still some fun to be had.


  1. I'm pretty sure I broke some "bro" code out there... but when I was in college, I loved watching the X-Men cartoons. Ever since... they've been my favorite superhero team.

    As for the sketch card... awesome as usual... although I prefer Jean with long hair ;)

    1. The X-Men cartoon was really well-done. I was a fan as well. The X-Men are very cool, but I think they were a little too mainstream for me. Everyone else thought they were cool, so I had to find other books to read. I do have a full run of one of the X-Men spin-off comic books, X-Factor.

      Jean Grey definitely looks better with long hair, but they had to make her look a little different for the alternate universe. Kind of like how Spock's evil twin had a goatee or Dr. Doofenshmirtz' alternate dimension counterpart has an eyepatch and a soul patch.