25 February 2017

A Power Girl Sketch from Across the Atlantic by Arwenn

One of my favorite parts of collecting is adding a new sketch card to my collection. I've started to especially like getting sketches directly from artists, whether by commission or through their stores. I will buy a sketch I like from anywhere, but there is something cool about getting it directly from the artist.

Today's sketch card came all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, as the artist hails from France. This Power Girl sketch was done by artist Arwenn, and I purchased it through his eBay store. This also holds the distinction of being my final eBay purchase of 2016. It took a fair amount of time to get to me, but I've come to expect that from international shipments. There are times, though, when shipments from Japan get to me quicker than items from inside the United States.

Back to the artwork, Arwenn has a pretty distinctive style. A lot of his sketches have that metallic gold border and background, and his art style reminds me of something, like old bookplates or religious art. I wish I could pin down exactly what it reminds me of, but I don't have the art background for that. I took like one Art History class in college over ten years ago, and that's about it for me when it comes to formal art education. He has a few more pieces available featuring other characters I collect, but for now I just went with the Power Girl sketch.

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