02 April 2017

This Card is a National Treasure - STP 500

Here's a card that's been sitting in my queue for a little while. Since they acquired the NASCAR license, Panini has been pushing out racing versions of all the brands they are known for, including the high-end National Treasures. Boxes of this stuff are way out of my league, but I've picked up a few singles here and there from 2016 Panini National Treasures Racing.

This is one of the better Danica Patrick pick-ups I've made since National Treasures released. The card is the base version of her Jumbo Sheet Metal Signatures insert, and it is numbered # 21 / 25. The sheet metal piece is interesting enough, and the signature is on-card, which is pretty nice, especially in a high-end set. Panini also put pictures of both the driver and the car on these.

This week's race is the STP 500 at Martinsville Speedway. Danica has raced 8 times at the track, with an average start of 24.60 and an average finish of 22.75. She has placed as high as 7th place and as low as 40th, with two DNFs. So it could go either way. Qualifying was called off due to weather, so starting position will be based on series points, with Patrick lining up in the 29th starting position. She could really use a good race, as her season hasn't exactly had a stellar start.

Post-race update: It looks like Patrick finished the race in 23rd, after running in the Top 20 for much of the race. She stayed in 29th place in the overall standings, but is tied in points with the two drivers ahead of her. I'm assuming tie-breakers are involved there.


  1. Damn... that's a beautiful card! It's pretty much the perfect NASCAR card.

    1. National Treasures has been very good for my collection and very bad for my wallet.