14 April 2017

Katie Cook Stormtrooper Sketch

It's time for another Star Wars sketch, but this time it's not a sketch of Princess Leia. I would love to get a Leia sketch from this artist, but her work is quite popular and I haven't seen one come up in my price range yet. When I can't get a sketch of my favorite characters from an artist on my wish list, I will usually just put bids in on auctions until I get one at a discounted rate. That's what happened here.

Katie Cook has a distinctive art style and is pretty famous, especially in the Star Wars and My Little Pony worlds. She has done a fair amount of licensed sketch card work, and Cryptozoic devoted an insert set to her work in the DC Comics: Women of Legend trading card product.

The sketch I picked up was one of her mini-paintings, which is her way of making sure the largest number of fans can get an example of her work at conventions. This is a Star Wars Stormtrooper, who has apparently seen something that causes concern. I'm guessing he's seen an enraged Wookiee. Someday I would like to get something a little more robust from Cook, but this is a nice placeholder until that day comes.

She's got a Facebook fan page and an Instagram feed that she is updating with regularity as of this writing. There is also an art agent who seems to represent most of the My Little Pony art talent, and Katie Cook's page has a few pieces of published art and some prices and examples for commissioned work. A couple of sketch commissions from her are on my wish list, for sure.


  1. I like the simplicity of this stormtrooper along with the water color backdrop. It kind of reminds me of a greeting card or something.

    1. Yeah, I was just thinking that! I really like her art work.

    2. It is neat that some artists are able to do so much with just a few lines. The little bit of color in the background really adds a lot to the picture as a whole. Her stuff is pretty neat.