06 April 2017

Star Wars Princess Leia by Remy 'Eisu' Mokhtar

I went through my Draft queue and realized that 1/3 of my posts waiting for publication are Star Wars sketches. So I guess get ready to see some Star Wars art over the next month or two. Most of it features Leia dressed as Jabba's Slave, as there was a sketch card collector out there on eBay blowing out their collection at really good prices, especially for some of the artist names that were being offered. Although the Jabba's Slave costume is not my favorite when it comes to Leia sketches, I felt compelled to grab some of the cards to fill spots on my Artist Wish List.

One of the cards I picked up was this PSC done by artist Remy 'Eisu' Mokhtar. I grabbed a Power Girl sketch by him a little while back, and referenced this sketch in that post. I finally got around to scanning this one. He actually referenced this sketch card in a Facebook post on his art page around the time that Carrie Fisher died. I guess I didn't have to scan the back of the card, as it is just blank cardstock. I like Mokhtar's art style, and it was pretty cool to grab a couple of his sketches for my two main sketch card collections within a few weeks of each other.


  1. A lot of people like the slave Leia look. Other prefer the buns. I'm all about Hoth Leia.

    1. I like Hoth Leia as well. It seems like her looks from Hoth and Endor don't get a lot of sketch card love.