19 August 2016

A Quick Post for Members Only

It's gonna be another quick post today, as I am tired and I have to work all weekend. Today was 'Meet Your Teacher Day' at my kids' new school, so we went and did that this evening. I've got one son going into 2nd Grade and my twin boys are going into Kindergarten. Three of my sisters live in the same city as we do and signed their kids up for that school, so we ran into their families and had a miniature family reunion in the playground. I think between the four of us we had 10 kids there. 

Today's card is another rare Members Only parallel from 2014 Topps Stadium Club. I've been on a pretty good run with these lately, and I kind of wonder how long it will last. This one features Tim Lincecum and his Mario Bros. mustache. The shine has come off of Lincecum lately, but he had a pretty dominant run there for a while. Either way, I was pretty happy to get this into my collection.


  1. Never had the pleasure of attending school at any age with cousins or siblings, of course that may have been a blessing.

    1. I never had any cousins in school with me, but two of my younger sisters were close enough in age to me that we went to school together, although a couple of grades apart.