24 August 2016

2012 Topps Factory Set Orange Josh Reddick

My Josh Reddick collection has kind of fallen by the wayside lately. I just can't keep up with everything that I like collecting, so I've let a lot of it slide. I haven't even picked up any meaningful amounts of Heritage, Stadium Club, or Archives this year. I've barely touched my R.A. Dickey collection. I've made a couple of notable additions to my Jon Singleton and Josh Reddick player collections, but certainly not at the pace of previous years. 

Some of the money that would normally go to those collections has merely been diverted to other things. I got into UFC cards a little bit. My wrestling collections (WWE and Japanese promotions) have taken a chunk. I've picked up a lot of sketch cards this year. I think I've also reduced my expenditures a little bit this year, too. Our debt elimination project continues to chip away at the balances we built up in our 20's, and hopefully in another couple of years we'll be all the way there. We are so close to finally paying off one card that's been with us for about 10 years. I hate that card and the bank that issued it for many reasons, and it will be really nice in September to finally be done with them forever.

The card for today is this Factory Set Orange parallel from 2012 Topps. These cards are much harder to find than their print runs would have you believe, as I think most of them stay locked away in their sealed boxes. I have a 2016 Topps Factory Set arriving in the mail today, and I am excited to see which parallels I find within. I won't be keeping it sealed. If I find a popular-enough player, my Factory Set might pay for itself! This Reddick card is # 171 / 190 and shows him engaged in a celebration with his Red Sox teammates.

This year Reddick got traded from the A's to the Dodgers partway through the season, and he hasn't had much going right for him in L.A. I think he's played 19 games for them so far and still doesn't have an RBI to show for it. In addition to some pretty poor numbers, he also was recently injured at the team hotel when he caught his finger in the door to his room after ordering room service. I think that counts as a hurt hand and a bruised ego. I hope things pick up for him soon. Even though I don't pursue his cards as much as I have in the past, he still has some pretty good cardboard out there and I root for him as a player.


  1. I always feel their is a much better story hidden in any "hotel injury."

    1. There could be, but in this day and age there are so many cameras and eyeballs watching that it seems difficult to keep that stuff under wraps.