28 August 2016

Danica Patrick 2012 Press Pass Ignite Parallel - Pure Michigan 400

At some point I thought it would be cool to have a NASCAR card ready to post for every race in the season. I guess it still would have been cool to do, but I didn't actually do it. But today things lined up and I have a card to post for today's Pure Michigan 400 at Michigan International Speedway.

I picked this up a long time ago, probably in May or June. I think it is the last card from that lot of parallels I bought from that seller. The card is a Black & White parallel of Danica Patrick from 2012 Press Pass Ignite, numbered # 44 / 50. Panini's release of NASCAR Prizm seems to have reignited the market for NASCAR cardboard, as I haven't been able to snag many really good deals lately. I would love to gather a few Prizm parallels and some of Danica's relics from Prizm, but there is pretty strong demand for them across the board. It also seems like sellers have caught up to the USPS postage increases, and adjusted their shipping charges accordingly. My mind still hasn't made that jump, so I remain reluctant to increase my total cost of acquisition by that amount per transaction.

As far as today's race goes, Danica Patrick started in 23rd and finished in 23rd place, which is a little better than her average start (24.7) at the track and several spots worse than her average finish (19.0). She was also overtaken by Paul Menard in points, and fell from 23rd to 24th in the season's driver standings.

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