16 November 2013

At the Trade Deadline 9: A Whole Bunch of Cards from The Prowling Cat (One in a Series of Long Overdue Trade Posts)

A while back The Prowling Cat contacted me offering up some Tony Stewart cards featuring Tony in his #20 Home Depot days. Although it took me a long time to respond, we were able to work out a deal and each sent some cards to each other. I wound up with a whole bunch of cards that touched on many of my collecting interests. For those of you who ignore my posts with NASCAR content (the view counter doesn't lie!), you can scroll down for some Nolan Ryan, John Elway, and other baseball/football content.

He included a variety of brightly-colored, heavily-foiled Tony Stewart cards, although Tony might be hardly recognizable in some of these photos. He seems a lot younger in these pictures than he looks today. We've even got one of those mini-collection cards here of Tony about to apply a Sharpie to some piece of memorabilia and sign an autograph for a lucky fan. 

The goodness continued for several more cards, even touching lightly upon Stewart's post-Home Depot career with a card featuring his Bass Pro Shops car. Just think, that chubby-cheeked kid is making millions of dollars more than you or I will ever see.

Why is that Carmeleon card scanned upside-down? I don't know. But I am too lazy to go back and change the picture now.

Up next we have some cards of Dale Jr., who reminds me of the most douchey trend of the late 90's, frosted tips on the hair. I was never a very popular kid, probably because I never experimented with this hairstyle. Dale Jr. did, though, and he's won the most popular driver award so many times that they might as well just name it after him and retire his number.

When he gets tired of all the attention from the ladies, Junior puts on a hat and goes low-profile.

Also included in the package were a handful of John Elway cards from the 90's. I only had a few Elway cards in my collection, so this probably doubled my stash of the Broncos' greatest Quarterback. Of course, it would be nice if Peyton Manning could give him a run for his money by winning multiple titles as a Bronco, but that's putting the cart before the horse a little bit.

A few other Broncos from the same era round out the football portion of the package.

To start things off baseball-wise, there were a couple of Astros new and old, a need from the 2013 Opening Day Ballpark Fun insert set, and a couple of Mariners. Representing basketball is a card I remember quite fondly, a '94-95 Fleer All-Star insert featuring my favorite player, Hakeem Olajuwon. These cards have little orange textured bumps to simulate the surface of a basketball.

Rounding things out are several fistfuls of Nolan Ryan cards, most of them featuring his days as an Astro. I sure do like getting so many cards of my favorite legend all on one package.

This was an awesome package of cards to open, with a nice variety of stuff inside. It touched on many favorite players from several sports, and I am happy we were able to work out a trade. I am sorry it took me so long to post these cards on my blog.

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