25 November 2013

Pack of the Day 43: 2013 Topps Mini Baseball Boxes #2 and #3

This is going to be a relatively condensed version of these two box breaks, because there isn't a whole lot here that hasn't been seen before.

Box 2
Base Cards - 225 / 660 - 34.09%

Doubles - 0

I don't even know why I mention collation anymore, because there are rarely doubles in boxes from Topps, at least among products I've busted open over the last year. Unfortunately, when I put the boxes together to build my set there were plenty of doubles across the boxes, but from box to box collation was good. 

Chasing History - 6 - Frank Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, CC Sabathia, Miguel Cabrera, Manny Machado, Joey Votto

There are some pretty good cards in this bunch. Since this is the only insert set in the product, I think I am going to try to put the set together. The Killebrew card is probably my favorite among this group.

Gold Parallel # / 62 - 4 - Dustin Pedroia, Colby Lewis, Johnny Cueto, Hisashi Iwakuma

There are some decent names in this group, which is always nice when there are a lot of potential duds in the set. 

Pink Parallel # / 25 - 1 - Brian Bogusevic

From here on out this becomes an Astros hot box. Not that great when it comes to resale value, but decent if you're an Astros fan.

Black Parallel # / 5 - 1 - Chris Carter

This is my first Black parallel. The limited print run on this product means that the parallels are all fairly low-numbered.

Relic - 1 - Jordan Lyles

Each box promises a relic or an autograph. Here is a relic.

Box 3

Base Cards - 225 / 660 - 34.09%

Doubles - 0

Not much to talk about here. More base cards with decent collation.

Chasing History - 6 - Cal Ripken Jr., Yogi Berra, Ty Cobb, A-Roid, Yu Darvish, Stephen Strasburg

I have decided to chase this insert set, so I guess I should start tracking what I do and don't have. There are about two too many Yankees in this batch, but I will live with it.

Gold Parallel # / 62 - 4 - Joe Kelly, Elvis Andrus, Alcides Escobar, Justin Ruggiano
Not much to see here. I like that picture on the Escobar card, and the Ruggiano ice shower is one of the better photos in the set. You can really feel his pain when you look at that photo.

Pink Parallel # / 25 - 2 - Scott Feldman, Alfonso Soriano

The Soriano card features a nice cameo by Anthony Rizzo. It's too bad that Soriano had to go off and become a Yankee. It seems that I am pulling quite a few Rangers in these two boxes.

Relic - 1 - Fred McGriff

As relics go, this is a pretty good one; much better than the Jordan Lyles I pulled from Box 2. This relic even features a bit of stripe along the left side.

Over the first couple of boxes I have made some pretty good progress toward a base set, but of course as I get more cards in the set, each pack has a greater chance of containing doubles. Through three boxes I did not pull three copies of any one card, though, so I would say collation is still pretty good. Here are my set completion statistics after each box was opened and sorted.

Box 1

227 / 660 - 34.39% (+ 34.39%)

0 Doubles

Box 2

409 / 660 - 61.97% (+ 27.58%)

43 Doubles

0 Triples

Box 3

507 / 660 - 76.82% (+14.85%)

170 Doubles

0 Triples


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