07 November 2013

Rainbow in the Dark 1: R.A. Dickey Topps Chrome

I've been working on a couple of rainbows, including R.A. Dickey's 2013 Topps Chrome parallels. So far I believe I have every color available aside from the two rarest versions, the Superfractor 1/1 and the Pink Refractor numbered out of 5. I think there might be printing plates, too, but I haven't been counting them. I don't have much commentary for this post, so I would suggest just scrolling down and looking at all of the pretty colors.

Base, Refractor, X-Fractor, Purple Refractor

Orange Refractor, Blue Refractor 177/199, Black Refractor 076/100, Sepia Refractor 49/75

Gold Refractor 50/50, Red Refractor 13/25, Camo Refractor 09/15, Atomic Refractor 06/10


  1. Very nice. I'm chasing the Ryan Howard rainbow. Only missing the super and 2 plates

  2. Awesome set! Just run down the Superfractor and you're all set

  3. I'm working on some Rangers rainbows...I passed on the Beltre super because of the price and missed out on the Cruz. Yours is looking good!

  4. Very cool. I've been slowly working on 2012 Mike Napoli #37. A ways to go still.

  5. Looks awesome! Good luck on the Super and Pink. I'm trying to find the Pink for Miguel Montero.