18 November 2013

At the Trade Deadline 10: Trade with All the Way to the Backstop (Another in a Series of Long Overdue Trade Posts)

There are a couple stacks of cards that have been kicking around on my desk for a while now, intermingling with other stacks, being partially sorted into binders, and most importantly, becoming separated from the packages in which they arrived to my home. I actually thought I had scanned and posted about the first stack, but I did not. This is surprising because that stack contains one of the most eye-searing cards in my memory. This post is not about that stack of cards, though, as that stack of cards is rather large and I apparently haven't scanned it yet. This post is about the second stack of cards. I am relatively certain that both stacks of cards came from All the Way to the Backstop, so I hope I am giving the correct person credit for it. I feel bad admitting that I am not 100% sure where the cards came from because it makes me sound like I don't appreciate the cards, which is not true. I just got mixed up in the middle of piles of incoming mail, a move of all of my worldly possessions from one room upstairs to my new basement hobby room, and lousy housekeeping on my desk. I also have misplaced several other items of some importance, so All the Way to the Backstop is not the only victim of my recent behavior.

Enough excuses, let's look at some cards. This package is focused on the Seattle Mariners. Out of this group I especially like that uniform that Jason Vargas is wearing. 

Up next are a few Topps base and Opening Day cards, along with a Gold Parallel.

I haven't bought much in the way of Heritage, so these are all new to me. The winner of the Most Artsy Shot award goes to Justin Smoak, for his wistful look into the distance. Jaso comes pretty close, but he's a little too rugged-looking to be called artsy. He might get the Clint Eastwood Eyes award. Heritage seems to have the market cornered on the 'bat on shoulder' pose. There is also a topps Gold parallel here, from a set I recall from my youth, but since I am currently away from my cards I don't know the year. I don't have that photographic memory like many of you other bloggers do.

Here we have an Allen & Ginter's black-bordered mini of Jesus Montero. I probably should not have blown the photo up so big, but it's funny to me to have a big picture of a little card. It's my blog; I can do what I want.

And finally, here is a nice-looking relic card of Dustin Ackley. It seems like a lot of stuff is going on in this card design-wise, but it all comes together pretty nicely. I like the big logo in the background.

This is a pretty cool bunch of cards, and they expand my Mariners collection quite a bit. Thank you for the trade. I hope I haven't missed anything or misattributed the source of these cards. I will be posting that other stack of cards at some point in the future.

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  1. Yup! Those are the ones from me! Glad you liked 'em, thanks again for the trade! I've made the mistake of attributing cards to someone else, so I get how you feel.