13 November 2013

Rainbow in the Dark 2: Josh Reddick Super Rainbow

Topps used the same design and the same photograph for Josh Reddick's cards in multiple products this year, so I've been working on a Super-Rainbow for him. So far I have 20 cards from Opening Day, Series 1, and Chrome. I think I have at least three more serially-numbered cards on the way, with at least one of those being from the Topps Mini set. Of course with there being multiple products in play, there are also multiple cards numbered 1/1 and #/5, so I may not be chasing the really rare stuff too hard. His Chrome Atomic Refractor #/10 is sitting on eBay at nearly $40, and I'm just not willing to spend that much on it. I got R.A. Dickey's Atomic Refractor from COMC for $15, and he is arguably a much more popular player than Reddick.

Opening Day Base, Opening Day Blue 1683/2013, Series 1 Base, Series 1 Red

Series 1 Blue, Series 1 Purple, Series 1 Wrapper Redemption Blue Sparkle, Series 1 Emerald

Series 1 Gold 1277/2013, Chrome Base, Chrome Refractor, Chrome Purple Refractor

Chrome Orange Refractor, Chrome X-Fractor, Chrome Blue Refractor 110/199, Chrome Black Refractor 062/100

Chrome Sepia Refractor 12/75, Chrome Gold Refractor 24/50, Chrome Red Refractor 08/25, Chrome Camo Refractor 11/15