07 November 2013

Check Out My Cards 1: First Order from COMC

I made an order with COMC after going back and forth on it for a couple of months. The flat-rate shipping is nice, but it seems like the commission and fee structure of the site inflates prices. There are still deals to be had, though, and there is plenty of selection. The first block of cards in my order were some of the cards I need to finish my 2013 Archives Gold parallel set. I am down to needing just 9 cards to complete the 200-card set, but the ones that are left can be pretty pricey on the secondary market.

Joe Morgan is one of my favorite card out of this bunch, probably because he looks happy in his picture. The cards came well-packed with penny sleeves, some toploaders (you have to pay 20 cents per toploader and you can select whether or not to use a toploader for each individual card), and neatly placed in team bags. 

I don't know if there was a glitch or if I ordered while half asleep, but a couple of cards I was certain I had ordered weren't on the final invoice and a couple of cards I am pretty sure I didn't order wound up on my order. One of the ones I am sure I didn't order because I already had a copy was Brian McCann. Boo!

Paul Molitor is another favorite from this batch. He was one of the first TTM autographs I got when I was a kid, signing his 1990 Topps card for me. I also like that Brewers cap he's wearing.

It's strange which cards from a set seem impossible to find. The only card I haven't seen up for sale anywhere so far is Ryan Zimmerman. Why would that be the one card that is impossible to find? There are other cards in the set that I haven't picked up because of the ludicrous asking prices, but Ryan Zimmerman seems to be hiding out.

I also picked up some inserts that I needed from the 2013 Archives set. I got a couple of Yankee All-Stars, a 4-in-1 sticker featuring famous catchers, and a 1972 Basketball of Reggie Jackson that is nice and colorful.

I also picked up a couple of White Sox Triumvirate cards that fit together and some of the final Mini Tall Boys I didn't have yet. I love the colored backgrounds on those things.

I've been working on a couple of rainbow projects, and these Josh Reddick cards are going toward that goal. I don't know that I will heavily pursue some of the rarer cards in the rainbows, like Superfractors, but anything I can get for a couple of dollars will definitely fit in. I've been making some good progress and the projects should be ready to post at some point in the relatively near future.

And finally I picked up a few more of the Opening Day parallels for that set. There are still plenty more to go in this set, but I picked up whatever was on my want list that was listed on COMC for under a dollar. There isn't much else to say about them. They are sparkly and blue, and they look pretty good in a binder.

In all I think I did all right with this order. The prices tend to be higher on COMC than on other sites, but if you shop around and have some patience you can get some decent deals. They do a good job of packaging their cards. I keep a spreadsheet of some of the key cards I need, and I go to the different sites (eBay, Sportlots, COMC, Just Commons) and compare prices every so often because things fluctuate so much that it can be useful to recognize when a card goes up on a site at a reduced price relative to other sites.

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  1. Yeah COMC isn't the place for cheap singles. They tack on a quarter to every card for "handling". But if your looking for some mid to high range stuff the site is pretty great. They usually have a pretty sweet black friday deal every year too.