05 November 2013

At the Trade Deadline 7: A Royal Country Breakfast from Brad's Blog

I recently received a trade package from Brad's Blog that centered around this Sepia Refractor of Mr. Country Breakfast himself, Billy Butler. I wouldn't say I am building a hearty collection of Butler Biscuits, but I do have more Butler cards than most other players. He seems like a nice happy dude, and those are for the most part the kind of guys I like to collect on my baseball cards, although I don't know if you could paint Nolan Ryan as a nice guy. I've seen the pictures of him going all fisticuffs on Robin Ventura's noggin. My rules for player collections aren't big on consistency. I know that the unspoken rules of baseball say that no one ought to show any emotion on the diamond except for closers and those who are celebrating walkoff hits, but I say that's a bunch of malarkey.
Also included were a smattering of other Butler cards, most of which I did not have as they are from years and sets that predate my reentry into collecting baseball cards. One of them is the colorful doppelganger of the Sepia card featured above.

A few more Royals round out the list, with some Purple parallels of the current year's set, a 2012 Gypsy Queen Eric Hosmer who appears to be sporting some sort of sideburns, and a logo sticker from a Fleer issue from days past. I would check the dates on it, but I am in my cubicle and my cards are at home.

I am pretty happy with the mix of cards I got in this deal. I like the Sepia Refractor. I don't know if I have it in me to collect the full rainbow of Refractors for this card, but I wouldn't say no to picking up more of them or continuing to add to my stash of Billy Butler cards. Thanks for the trade!


  1. Great blog. Added you to my blogroll, lets trade sometime.

  2. Glad you liked! I got the cards you sent, good stuff. I hope to scan a lot of things this evening and will post about it soon!