06 November 2013

At the Trade Deadline 8: Autographs from My Cardboard Habit

I got a few cards in the mail today from My Cardboard Habit. I am amassing quite a collection of Anthony Gose autographs. I think I may have more autograph cards of his than I do base cards. Incidentally, my first Gose autograph also came from My Cardboard Habit, as it was pulled in his Allen & Ginter group break that I participated in. And speaking of group breaks hosted at My Cardboard Habit, there is currently a 9-box group break forming for Topps Triple Threads. There are some pretty decent cards in the set, and the breaks can be a lot of fun. At that price point there is a fairly high-risk/high-reward element to the breaks, but if your team hit big it is usually pretty exciting.

My favorite part about these autographs is that they are all on-card. No silly stickers here! I don't know much about Calixte. It appears that he is still down in AA. The internet tells me that he is pretty hot on defense but needs his bat to catch up in order to have a chance at the big time.

I really like these cards, and it's pretty cool that the different tiers of Gose's autographs also feature different pictures. Thanks for the trade!

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