24 February 2014

I Got it at Sportlots 6: 1985 TCMA Ft. Myers Royals Office Staff

The 1985 Ft. Myers Royals set is kind of an interesting set. The Jim Moore card is probably the most 'blog-famous' card in the set, despite the fact that he was not an actual player or coach on the team. On the front of the card he is listed as the team's Travelling Secretary, and the back of the card adds the title of Seasoned Veteran to his job description.

But the 30-card set also features some other front-office staff, namely the MVP General Manager and two Assistant General Managers. I think I've shown most of these cards off online here a time or two, but my confession is that I took those images from the internet. This time I have actually purchased two lots of four Front Office employees from the 1985 TCMA Ft. Myers Royals card set.

What am I going to do with them? I don't know. It was just something I felt I had to do. Kind of like growing a mustache. It serves no real purpose, but sometimes I just have to grow one. The problem is that every time I see myself in the mirror or think about the mustache on my face I can no longer take myself seriously. Sometimes the ridiculousness of it incapacitates me with fits of laughter. Then I have to shave it off. These cards serve a similar purpose. Whenever I see them I laugh for a little bit at how silly they are, and then I put them away for a while until I am going through my card stacks again and happen to notice them one more time. The fact that I have two sets of them (plus one or two extra copies of Jim Moore) just makes it a little more silly.


  1. That Jim Moore card was an Instant legend for me...

  2. It is one of the best cards out there.