21 February 2014

Click Here to View Cart 2: Josh Reddick Factory Set Orange

This card was difficult to track down. Although it is numbered to a relatively high # 171 / 230, the orange-bordered cards from 2013 Topps were only packed 5 at a time into factory sets, so most of them are probably sitting unsold on store shelves and in warehouses, waiting for their chance to be wholesaled off in 2017. I know that there must be someone out there who buys factory sets, but I don't know who that might be.

This is the only copy of this card that I have seen offered up on the internet, and it was in the sketchy-looking webstore of some card dealer selling overpriced boxes of cards and a random selection of singles. Their shopping cart system showed a bit more for shipping than I wanted to pay, but I bought the card anyway because I needed it for my rainbow. In a nice surprise twist, whoever actually processed the order on the other side downgraded the shipping from Priority to First Class and cut the shipping by about 66 percent. So I paid less for this card than I anticipated, and I got to add one more card to my Josh Reddick 2013 Super Rainbow.

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