26 February 2014

Pack of the Day 64: 48 Dadgum Packs of 2013 Topps Opening Day

I got a good price on a gravity-feed box of 2013 Topps Opening Day, with 48 packs of the stuff. I was hoping to get some of the higher-priced Blue parallels out of the way and maybe some other exciting card, maybe an autograph or SP photo variation. Well, I really struck out on the Blue parallels. Out of the 10 parallels I pulled from the box, I only got one that I needed for my set, the infamous and easy-to-dislike Alex Roid-riguez.

I did also pull one of the photo variations, a James Shields press conference photo. The card I really want from this set is the R.A. Dickey press conference photo variation. They don't seem to pop up very often at all, and the single copy on eBay at the moment has been there forever because the seller wants about 3.5x the maximum price I would want to spend on it.

So it was a pretty disappointing box of cards to open. I knew the odds weren't great that I would pull a lot of stuff I needed, but I thought I'd pull a few more Blue parallels from my list than I did. Oh well. This just kind of reinforces my need to not open packs of products whose base sets I have already completed. More on this topic later.

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