02 February 2014

At the Trade Deadline 17: A Touch of Gold from Play at the Plate

A padded mailer showed up in the mail the other day, from Play at the Plate. We had discussed trading a couple of times over the last couple of months, but from my recollection we had never quite reached an agreement. I have sent a package back now with a couple of the cards we had talked about, so I hope that will make things even.

Here's what I got:

A few stickers from 2012 (I had to look up the year). I am always amazed by people who can call up from memory any number of sets from multiple brands and decades.

Jeff Bagwell gets his own scan because he has the only horizontal card in the batch. I have a hat that looks very similar to the one he is wearing. That pretty much makes us best friends. I don't have any eye black, though. Maybe I should consider getting some for those days when the sunset coincides with my drive home.

Hunter Pence's card looks much better in the scan than it does in real life. It's like Topps took a picture of him from 400 miles away, then blew it up in an attempt to get the worst resolution possible on a trading card. Luckily Topps stuck with conventional photography for the rest of these cards, featuring a number of different Astros. Most of the dudes in this scan are of the prospect variety.

This scan is where the famous guys show up. There are some Bagwells, some Biggios, some Berkmans, and a Caminiti here. And some guy named Scott, who is obviously riding on their coattails. These are some pretty nice cards.

And here is the star of the lot, a Gold Ryne Sandberg numbered # 021 / 199, which is the next-to-last card needed for my set. It will be quite a relief for it to be finished.

Thanks for the trade!

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