04 November 2016

I Hate Waiting

I've got a few things on order right now, and it seems like they are taking forever to get here. One is from Blowout, a couple are from Topps, and at any given time I've usually got something coming in from eBay Shipments from Topps are notoriously slow, as they use some FedEx/USPS hybrid that bounces around the East coast for a week before finally beginning to move west. My Blowout order was placed over the weekend, so it sat for a couple of days before they even started the process, and now I'm not sure if it will get here on Saturday or if I'll have to wait through another weekend to get it. Stuff from eBay can arrive quickly or slowly, depending on a variety of factors.

The other part of waiting that I hate is the draft queue on my blog. It is nice to have a lot of draft posts in the folder, but it gets complicated if I get something scanned in that is more relevant or exciting to me than the currently-planned post for a given day. I wind up rescheduling things and sometimes even rewriting posts that have fallen out of date. And after shuffling things around I will wind up with a list of filler posts that I just don't have a lot to say about. They might be cards that fit my collection well, but I find that I don't have much to say about them. I will usually write the posts anyway to keep the blog fresh, but there have been a few times that I just deleted a post entirely due to lack of interest.

But my current struggle is one of waiting for some inbound mail that I am excited about. It makes me wonder how I handled being a kid. When I was young I would always be sending off for stuff from cereal boxes or the back of magazines. I'd order stamps, toys, and all kinds of other junk. Most of the order forms and advertisements for those things said that delivery could take 6-12 weeks, and much of it did actually take that long. How on earth did I manage to wait 2-3 months for those things? I can barely wait a week these days without going nuts.

None of that has anything to do with today's card, a 2016 Allen & Ginter Black-Framed Autograph of Jen Welter, whose stint as an assistant linebackers coach with the Arizona Cardinals during the 2015 preseason made her the first female NFL coach. I got her relic card a while back, but her autograph eluded me. This parallel card came up and I won it at a lower price than the base version usually goes for, so that was pretty cool. It is numbered # 23 / 25. There are still a few autographs I am chasing from this set, but I don't know if I will track them down before I get distracted and move on to other things.


  1. I remember your post on her relic, congrats on nabbing the autograph too. I notice sone parallels are easier to afford as well...my theory is that it's because more people try to build the base set, not the parallels, thus driving the price up, but it's just a theory, I didn't do any research on it. I know exactly what you mean about getting distracted too.my goals for this year included working on two sets, and during the year I've added exactly one card from each set. Maybe if COMC does their black Friday sale somebody will mark sone down and I will remember to look.

    1. That's probably a valid theory. Another part of the equation is just the timing of the auction and the wording used in the listing. You need to have eyeballs on your listing if you want to get bids.

      There is always a flood of new stuff coming out, and I can't even pretend to keep up with it all. There are sets that I usually get into fairly heavily that I just ignored entirely for 2016.

  2. I think I'm obligated to post if there's a Inigo Montoya clip.

    Nice autograph.

    How would you feel about waiting for packages when you know they have arrived at your PO Box but it is in a different country and things keep popping up that prevent you from driving down to get them?

    1. That would drive me nuts. I think I'd explode from the stress of it.