06 November 2016

"But Have You Ever Seen NASCAR on Weed? That's the Way to See It, Man!" - AAA Texas 500

I've never been one to try drugs (I was never cool enough to get invited to those parties), so everything I know about them comes from movies, television, stand-up comedy routines, and stories recounted by people who know other people who have tried drugs. One of my sources for this information is the movie Half Baked. I watched it years ago, but one of the key scenes features a cameo by Jon Stewart as the Enhancement Smoker, who smokes weed to add excitement to every activity. Strong language alert for anyone who happens to be reading this and might not be into that.

Pretty funny stuff. Due to my line of work, I don't know many enhancement smokers, but I am pretty sure I know a whole lot of enhancement drinkers, who can't really enjoy anything without a drink (or two) in their hand. I felt like I needed a drink after watching the Denver Broncos lose to the Oakland Raiders this evening. Although they only lost by 10, the game never felt close and Oakland's offense seemed unstoppable throughout. Denver's offense is not good, and the teams really relies on the defense to keep them in games. The Broncos will probably make the playoffs, but with Oakland playing so well it might be as a Wild Card team.

Sorry about that football tangent that had nothing to do with marijuana or today's card. This is a 2013 Press Pass Showcase card of Danica Patrick. It's a Green parallel, numbered # 04 / 20, which is what led to the theme of this post. In weed mythology, 4:20 or 4/20 are the ideal time and date to smoke weed, because a group of pot smokers once arranged a meeting at that time to search for a hidden grow, and then a High Times editor and Grateful Dead fans spread the term to the greater public. At least that's what Wikipedia has to say about it.

Today's NASCAR race was the AAA Texas 500, which was actually more like the Texas 438 after the race was cut short due to rain. Danica Patrick started in 22nd place and fell two spots over the course of the race to finish in 24th. The start was about 4 spots better than her career average at Texas Motor Speedway, but the finish was right at her career average. She was much better at the track in 2015, finishing 16th in both races held at the track during that season. The season is winding down, with just two more races to go.

I don't think 4/20 cards are going to overtake 12/25 Christmas cards any time soon, but I still get a little chuckle every time I see one. I am always happy to add a new low-numbered Danica Patrick Card to my collection.


  1. The big "local" brewery, Sweetwater, has as its signature beer a pale ale that is called Sweetwater 420. It means what you said...and it is pretty good beer.

    1. I'll have to take your word for it, as I don't drink. I'm a member of an early Straight Edge group, the Mormons.