18 August 2015

Munnatawket Allen & Ginter + T206 Customs

A while ago I put in bids on some of the Munnatawket Allen & Ginter custom minis that circulate among bloggers, with Nachos Grande at the center of distribution, as his friend is the one who puts them together. I chased these pretty heavily during 2014 and early 2015, and through bidding, trading, whining, begging, and finagling I was able to get a full base set (until the checklist was expanded by 15 cards last month), plus a few variations, inserts, and autographs.

Going back to the auctions I bid on, I wound up just winning one auction for a Floyd Mayweather card. It's a card I already had and I don't much like Mayweather or the things he's done in his life, but when roddster posts up new auctions for these cards I try to at least put in some bids depending on my financial situation at the time. In addition to the card I had won, he packed in a couple of other custom cards from a design he's added to his repertoire, with some artificially-aged T206 customs of Matt Kemp and Ben Zobrist. They are pretty cool-looking cards, and it looks like he really worked on getting the look right for them.

The Floyd Mayweather features the familiar Munnatawket-back design, although there are alternate backs out there for that set. The T206 customs both feature Carolina Brights backs, although there are also alternate backs for these designs. I am always pretty happy to add another batch of roddster customs to my collection.


  1. Nice cards, I think I like the Kemp one most.

    I got your package today, and hope to write a blog on it soon. Thanks again.

    1. I'm glad the package made it. After reading your post today, I feel bad I didn't include any NASCAR cards in the package.

    2. I loved what you sent, I think I have plenty of NASCAR cards for now.


    I'm drooling haha!

  3. It's a fun set for sure - glad you like it (even if I'm nothing but the "middle man" for the distribution)!