10 August 2015

Comic Book Sketch Cards by MRAM

A few months ago I saw these sketch cards on eBay for cheap and I grabbed them up. They are from an artist who calls himself MRAM. The character on the left is DC's Power Girl and the character on the right is Marvel's Dagger, who hails from the Spider-Man universe but has also shown up in the X-Men universe, hence the 'X' logo on her uniform. DC has changed their universe's continuity so much that I am not 100% where Power Girl fits in right now, but in my view of the DC universe she is her parallel universe's Supergirl, a cousin to Superman. Through various events she makes her way to the main DC universe where she carves out a role there and interacts with Superman and Supergirl. Dagger is a product of the 80's, and is usually paired with a character named Cloak. They were kidnapped and injected with drugs that activated their latent powers. Cloak possesses dark powers and experiences a hunger that can only be fed by absorbing energy from other people or the Light Daggers that Dagger produces as part of her power set.

You can see from the similarities between the two sketches that he's got a formula for drawing these so he can basically draw the same stock body, change the clothing, hair, and a couple of facial features, and have a sketch card to sell. He seems to be quite capable of doing other things, but he's always got a few of these sketch card auctions going and seems to sell all of them for between $6 and $25 each. I guess if you can find a niche like that and make some extra cash every day it is a good way to pay for your art supplies and receive a fairly reliable baseline income stream, freeing you up to pursue your other artistic impulses without necessarily having to make money from them. At least that's the way I see it. I didn't interview him or anything to get his reasoning or his business model.

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