23 August 2015

An Astros No-Hitter and a 2015 Bowman Gold Jon Singleton

On Friday night pitcher Mike Fiers, recently traded to the Astros from the Brewers, threw a no-hitter against the Dodgers in a 3-0 win. I didn't watch the first few innings, but I turned the game on in the 5th or 6th inning and had a good time watching to see if Fiers would be able to finish the thing off. Those last couple of outs were pretty tense, but he got it done. Even more important, the Astros won the game to keep them moving in the right direction in the standings. They beat Zack Greinke on Saturday night, too, which was especially good because the Angels were busy being blasted by the Blue Jays. The Rangers have been making a go at things lately, too, and have caught up to the Angels in the standings so that both teams are just a few games behind the Astros for the division lead. The Astros will have another tough test on Sunday, going up against Clayton Kershaw in the final game of this series, after which they will head to New York to face the Yankees.

Here's an Astro who is looking forward to September call-ups where he might get another chance at getting back on track. Unfortunately the struggles he had during his earlier stint with the Astros have continued after his demotion back to AAA, and he just isn't putting up much in the way of numbers there.

This 2015 Bowman Gold parallel has been sitting in my scan folder for quite some time, so I thought I ought to get it posted so that I can move it from there into my 'Posted' folder. It is numbered # 42 / 50.

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