06 August 2015

Gint-a-Cuffs VII: Pack 1

After opening up my Gint-a-Cuffs box for this year I felt pretty bad. It's a crappy bunch of cards and I considered just dropping out of the contest altogether to avoid the work of scanning and posting about a bunch of cards I care very little for. But in the spirit of participation and sportsmanship I will at least play out the string and tally up my points in the traditional manner.

+6 Blackmon Full-Size Relic B
+2 Hoist the Black Flag
+2 Starting Points

Pack 1 Points: 10.00
Box Running Total: 10.00
Per Pack Average: 10.00
Box Pace: 250.00

This first pack paints a deceptively rosy picture. I can assure you that my Per Pack Average and Box Pace will fall off quickly as I get into the heart of the box.


  1. With the way you're talking, it sounds like we'll have a race for last place!

    1. It is likely. I haven't added it all up yet, but I'm thinking it'll be pretty close to the 140 points you reported.