07 August 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter R. A. Dickey Black Mini Printing Plate

I didn't really pull anything of note from my Gint-a-Cuffs VII box, but I was able to snag something nice for myself from eBay. I snagged this Framed Mini Black Printing Plate of R.A. Dickey, the subject of one of my main player collections. The frames in this year's Ginter offering are pretty attractive, and it's always nice to add a # 1 / 1 card of a favorite player. The minimalist design on Allen & Ginter cards means the printing plates don't have a lot on them. I have a Kate Upton printing plate from 2012 Allen & Ginter and you can barely tell there's anything on the front of the card. On this one you can at least see Dickey's goatee and long hair, and just a hint of a Blue Jays logo on his cap.

Dickey has been pitching well lately, allowing 2 or fewer runs in his last six (counting tonight) starts. He's brought his ERA down by a full run since July 4th, from 5.02 to 3.93 after his start tonight. That's good news for him, but that might make his card prices go back up. Much like my discussion on Jon Singleton last night, R.A. Dickey's card prices have been down lately because he hasn't played very well for a while. Now I imagine his prices might start to rebound, especially if the Blue Jays keep up their good run and go into the playoffs. Right now they are sitting in one of the AL Wild Card spots and playing good ball. I guess we'll see.

I still haven't made any progress on getting packages put together and mailed out. I am still trying to recover from my trip, and I have to work the next two weekends. In addition, my kids have been acting up quite a bit since we got home from Utah, and my wife and I are trying to figure out how to put a stop to that. The short version is that there is a lot going on right now and my scattered brain is having difficulty focusing on outbound mail.

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