15 November 2016

Another Powerful Sketch Card

I continue adding to my sketch card collection here and there. I probably have enough scans saved up to do another Sketch Card Week, but those posts appeal to only a subsection of my readers and I find that my page views don't recover for several days after a Sketch Card Week ends. I don't consider myself an extremely vain person, but the numbers matter more to me than I let on.

This is my second Power Girl sketch card done by artist Amber N. Shelton. The first one is from Cryptozoic's DC Epic Battles set, released in 2014. This one is from something called The Great Sketch Card Swap 2010, and the card was originally done for Nathan Ohlendorf, another artist. I am assuming that a bunch of artists got together and traded sketches with each other. I see other cards from this set out in the wild from time to time. I don't know how this one got from Shelton to the eBay seller who sold the card to me.

It is interesting to see the 2014 sketch and the 2010 sketch together, as you can definitely see the resemblance that makes up the artist's signature look, but you can also see change and progression between the two pieces. I like sports cards a lot, but it's hard to beat the variety and novelty of artist sketches.


  1. Awesome! The progression comparison is really cool to see, and it's still noticeable even though Amber Shelton was already really good to start with.

    1. I wouldn't really separate the two sketches into quality tiers, it's just interesting to see the evolution in art style, while still retaining enough indicators that the same artist made both pieces. The newer sketch does have a more complex perspective, though, and the linework is a lot more detailed.