17 February 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 9: Reddick Atomic Topps Chrome

Here is a pretty rare card for my Josh Reddick 2013 Super Rainbow. I've got one more card still to show individually, and then I have a post set up containing all 32 variations I have of this card. There are still some  # / 5's and # 1 / 1's out there somewhere, but I am not extremely serious about chasing those unless they fall in my lap. There may even be a # / 10 out there that I am missing. I really should make a list.

These Atomic Refractors sure do scan well. They look pretty good in person, but these are probably one of the few Refractor designs that scan as nicely as they look in-hand.

The example I got is numbered # 07 / 10. I hope that Reddick can have a good season this year. Yahoo! posted a player note saying that Reddick did a lot of working out this offseason and put on 15 pounds of muscle, so hopefully he can make enough contact with the ball to hit a zillion home runs. Unfortunately, another player in my fantasy baseball league picked him up off of waivers shortly after that player note ran, so I won't be able to snap him up if he gets off to a good start.


  1. Pretty nice, big fan of the atomics. 32 variations is pretty nice too. I'm attempting the same thing this year with Ryan Howard. So far so good, only missing the 1/1's! (Granted only one set has been released)