15 February 2014

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

We are finally (kind of) getting a day off from training here in Texas, so Sunday will be a good day for me. I say kind of because we have 140 questions worth of homework to finish before heading back to class on Monday. We've been doing 12-14 hours per day in the classroom plus about an hour of transit time per day, so I haven't been able to do much here.

My roommate has a friend whose wife does PR work for the Texas Rangers, and he has arranged for us to tour their ballpark tomorrow afternoon, which is just down the road from the hotel we're staying in because the barracks are under renovation. I hope I will be able to get a couple of pictures on my phone. I'm sure that any exciting developments will be mentioned here on the blog. Even if the tour doesn't go any more in-depth than the usual tours offered to paying customers, at least I'll save the $14 cost of the ticket.


  1. It's a great tour. You may see a few players (some are still gearing up to head to Arizona). I'm clearly biased, but it's my favorite tour.

  2. Been on it twice, the last time with my kids. We all loved sitting in the dugout.