07 February 2014

I Got it at Sportlots 5: Many Additions to the 2013 Opening Day Blue Parallel Set

I was so happy to find that Sportlots sellers were asking relatively reasonable prices for the blue parallels from 2013 Topps Opening Day that I ordered a whole pile of them and now just need four more to finish the set. Here are a whole bunch of pictures of some of the cards I ordered.

I still think that this is a great-looking parallel. The blue color is really attractive, and I like that Topps kept the blue coloring to the border instead of coloring the whole background like they did for the Emerald cards in 2013 and the Red Hot cards in 2014.

The cards do curl a little bit over time. It's not as bad as Topps Chrome, but it is noticeable. It doesn't bother me much at all, but it makes for a good comment to fill the spaces between scans.

Given the price I paid for Dylan Bundy's card, he probably deserves his own scan. I'm not going to do that, though. When it comes to set completion, some guy you've never heard of is just as important as the hot rookie star.

Todd Frazier puffed up his lips and blew himself right out of alignment with the Cards (and Dodgers and Marlins) around him. I think he needs a few more logos and badges around him. Too bad he can't get an RC Shield to go along with his Rookie Cup, Foil Date, Topps logo, and Opening Day badge.

I don't even know. The puffed cheeks thing must be taught in the Reds clubhouse. I'm pretty sure Kyle Seager spent some time eating up games on at least one of my fantasy baseball teams last year. I don't know. It might have been Michael Brantley. Maybe both of them did. I do know that I want to play some Fantasy Baseball. I wonder if there would be interest in a blogger league of some kind?

Hanley Ramirez and Mariano Rivera get some pretty good shots in this set. I like photos featuring scuffed-up batting helmets.

Darwin Barney might get the 'Simon Says' award, because just about everybody in the background is copying his pose. Joey Votto needs to work on his cheek-puffing. He's trying, but maybe the manly muscles in his jaw are resisting his efforts. Just let it go, man. Those bloggers who make fun of your funny faces are just jealous.

And here's another Reds player. He's kind of poofing his cheeks out. I had a couple more scans, but I saved over them and didn't want to dig the cards out of the binder to run them back through. You'll just have to imagine an assortment of 2013 Topps cards with blue borders.


  1. Sweet grab! So, which are the four you still need?

  2. This is hands down the best parallel set of 2013. I hope they bring it back in 2014, but I'm sure they'll botch it.