28 February 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 10: 32 Josh Reddick Cards

I've slowed down quite a bit on adding anything new to my Josh Reddick 2013 Topps Super Rainbow, as I've got just about everything that is (relatively) easy to find as well as a lot of the rare stuff. It would be nice to get at least one of the # 1 / 1 cards from the rainbow, but those don't pop up too often. There is also at least one card out there I don't have that is numbered out of # / 10 and I think a couple # / 5's as well. Here are all 32 cards that I do have laid out in one big post.

Opening Day Base, Opening Day Toys 'R' Us Purple, Opening Day Blue, Series 1 Base

Series 1 Target Red, Series 1 Toys 'R' Us Purple, Series 1 Wal-Mart Blue, Series 1 Wal-Mart Blue No Foil

Series 1 Emerald, Series 1 Blue Sparkle, Series 1 Gold, Series 1 Factory Set Orange

Series 1 Camo, Series 1 Pink, Series 1 Sapphire Blue, Topps Chrome Base

Chrome Refractor, Chrome Purple, Chrome Orange, Chrome X-Fractor

Chrome Blue, Chrome Black, Chrome Sepia, Chrome Gold

Chrome Red, Chrome Camo, Chrome Atomic, Chrome Pink

Mini Base, Mini Gold, Mini Pink, Mini Black

Reddick has been making the rounds on the sports highlight reels over the last day or so as he had a couple of wall-climbing catches in Spring Training action. I think Fuji was the first blogger I read who posted this video.

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  1. I'm seriously jealous of that rainbow... It's awesomely Reddickulous!