02 March 2014

Breaking it Down 7: eBay Bowman Sterling Padres

One of the online case breakers whose breaks I watch on occasion busted open quite a bit of Bowman Sterling. I forget how many boxes it was, but there were something like 72 autographs promised based on the number of boxes being opened. I was hoping to get the Astros or something, but the only team that wound up in my price range was the Padres. Bowman Sterling is a prospect-heavy product, and the Astros farm system is too good right now to get that team on the cheap. There were still a couple of good Padres with autographs in the set, though, so I thought I might have a chance to get a Gyorko or something.

I did not get a Gyorko autograph. I did get some sort of parallel, which is numbered something like # 084 / 199. I also got a base card of Max Fried. That's it. Because I didn't get a hit, they included a pack of Bowman Chrome with my cards. Keven Youkilis there is a base Refractor, so I have that going for me. I guess this wasn't even really worth posting about, but I have a relatively limited number of posts queued up to last until I get back home from Texas, and I am rapidly running out of material.

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