13 March 2014

I Got it at Sportlots 7: The Stars Come Out on 2013 Opening Day

I've been trying to put a few 2013 sets to bed as the 2014 release schedule starts ramping up. One of my favorite sets of last year was the Blue parallel to 2013 Topps Opening Day. A little while ago I found a good-sized bunch of the remaining cards I need for the set on Sportlots. Much of what I had left to get were the cards of top players and big names. There were still a couple cards that I couldn't bring myself to pay the asking price for, so for now my binder pages have four open pockets waiting to be filled. You may recognize the names Mike Trout, Anthony Rizzo, Derek Jeter, and Manny Machado. I guess Rizzo is kind of the short man on that particular list, but the rest of those guys tend to draw some pretty big prices on all of their cards. Anyway, here are the cards that I did bring home (from the mailbox).

I like that McCutchen card quite a bit. The David Ortiz is a pretty nice one, too. I guess Josh Hamilton is still a big name, although my perception is that he hasn't lived up to the hype for the last little bit. The other three dudes aren't exactly household names, but they aren't scrubs, either.

The horizontal cards I picked up include a nice Evan Longoria and a sliding Miguel Cabrera, who appears to be out. I like that the ball is visible on the Longoria card. And if I'm not mistaken (which I may be), the catcher is the same dude on both cards. If I were running a blog like The 2014 Topps Blog I would do some research and find out for sure by locating the image in the archives and matching it to a box score from the game. But I am lazy and I need to go to bed, so I will just sit here and believe that the catcher is the same dude. You should really go and check out The 2014 Topps Blog, though, because there is some good stuff there. Once a Cub does some good work and really fleshes out the information behind the scenes of each card in the set.


  1. The Evan Longoria card is from April 8, 2012 against the Yankees.
    The Miguel Cabrera card is from June 15, 2012 against the Rockies.
    Cabrera was safe. According to the description of the photo, he slid under the tag.

    1. It looks like I'm no good at this guessing stuff.

  2. Swing and a Pop-up beat me to the punch but thanks for the shoutout!