27 March 2014

At the Trade Deadline 19: Trade Package from Starting Nine

I didn't get all of my Power Players code cards from eBay and Sportlots. Here are a few that I got in a trade with Starting Nine. He posted the results of his 2014 Topps break and offered up some of his unwanted stuff in exchange for Mets and certain inserts. I had a few things to offer and we worked out a deal.

I'm pretty happy with the cards I got here, even if the lot includes two Braves. I am still one card away from the complete Series 1 Power Players set, with Clay Buchholz holding out on me. I have a bid on one copy of it right now, and I am hoping I come out a winner.

I always like to complete a trade, especially when it helps me to complete a set. Thank you!

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