20 March 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 54: 2013 Topps Archives 1972 Basketball Design

I actually don't remember where these came from, but I think I must have got them from eBay. If they came from COMC I would have a pile of other cards to go with them. I guess they could have come from Sportlots, but I'm going to say they came from eBay.

The 1972 Basketball design insert from 2013 Topps Archives is one of the better-looking cards out there, in my opinion. Of course, the Mini Tallboys from the same product have a very similar theme, with brightly-colored solid backgrounds, and I like those very much too.

Tony Gwynn has a nice card here, showing off some brown pinstripes. As far as awesomely horrible uniforms go, this Padres gear is pretty good.

But Dave Winfield's uniform has got Tony Gwynn beat in the ugly uniform department. These Padres uniforms are right up there with the Astros' Rainbows, with both getting top seeds from different regions in the Awesomely Awful Uniform Madness bracket, which is not a real thing (that I know of) but probably should be. The gold chain, sketchy facial hair, and Flying Banana Wedge cap really help to finish off the look.

And then we have CC Sabathia, who sadly wishes that his uniform had made the Big Dance, but instead gets relegated to the dark reaches of an invitation to the NIT-equivalent of Athletic Garb Competitions.

Of course, the millions-strong fanbase of Yankees pinstripes would never let these iconic colors stoop so low as to play in a low-end tournament like that, so they will bribe the selection committee and the Yankees will get a token 5-seed, beat an overmatched first-round opponent who is just happy to be there, and make a token appearance in the Round of 32.

That is a nice color of blue in the background of Sabathia's card, though. With these three additions to my collection, the Want List for the 1972 Design cards is cut in half. I just need Johnny Bench, Jason Heyward, and Mike Trout to complete this particular insert set.

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