25 March 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 57: A Birthday Celebration

I was going to do a different post today, but there were a whole lot of cards in the scans and I was going to have to write about a billion words to go between the pictures. Then Facebook saved my day by letting me know that today is Danica Patrick's birthday. Well heck, I've got a card or two of hers that I can write up real quick.

Today's card is from the Magnificent Materials - Signature Edition subset of 2011 Press Pass FanFare. It pairs an autograph (with authentication sticker!) and a little bit of race-used sheet metal. The black relic piece has some color to it by way of a nice little gouge with some green showing through and a little sliver of white coming in from the right side. Overall I am pretty happy with this one. The card is laid out pretty well and the neon green and black everywhere looks pretty darn good to my eyes. The relic isn't quite as impressive as the one on my other Danica auto and being numbered # 25 / 25 just barely keeps it from being a Christmas card, but I like this card a lot.

Over the last few days I sorted and sorted until my sorter was sore, and got about 3500 cards loaded into my Zistle collection. I sorted to the point that the little muscle in my arm that apparently is used to flip cards over and look at the numbers got a cramp in it and has been sore all day. So today I took a little bit of a break. Those 3500 cards comprised all of my 2014 Topps flagship, all of my 2014 Heritage, and all of my 2013 Topps Mini. There were a lot more multiples in my 2014 collection than I thought there would be. When this is all finished it will be a good thing, but getting to that point just may push me over the edge.

Happy Birthday, Danica!

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