22 March 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 11: 2013 Topps Derek Holland Factory Set Orange

I didn't quite get my fill of rainbows from last year's sets, so I have kind of started chasing a Derek Holland 2013 Topps rainbow. This is probably the card that started the quest off, as the Factory Set Orange parallels are hard to come by; a lot harder than their # / 230 print run would have you believe. Just as there aren't a lot of people busting Toys'R'Us packs to resell the Purple parallels, there aren't a lot of folks out there busting factory sets to get the Orange parallels. I like that powder blue uniform that Holland is wearing. The card popped up for sale, and I got it.

This one is numbered # 225 / 230. Some of the cards in this rainbow might not pop up too often, as 2014 products are releasing and people will probably focus on that more than busting old base product. Still, I've grabbed a couple of good cards from this rainbow already that I will be posting soon.

Holland is starting the 2014 season on the 60-day DL, but I hope that once he returns he'll be able to put up some solid numbers and stay in the league for a few more years. As I type this, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks are playing the first game of the season in Australia, with Scott van Slyke being the early hero with a 2-run homer off of Wade Miley. Andre Ethier also has an RBI, and the Dodgers are up 3-0 behind Clayton Kershaw in the top of the 5th. I will have to wait and see the result of the game tomorrow, as it is very late and I am going to sleep for a couple of hours before my kids wake me up.

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