23 March 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 55: A Christmas Card in March

I have a whole pile of posts in my queue, but in trying to find one that I could type up real quick and have some new content on the blog tomorrow I found that most of them were uninspiring or would take a lot longer to write up than I want to spend before I go to sleep.

Today I have been scanning a buttload of cards for a set that was missing from Zistle's database. I've determined to get my cards organized and uploaded onto Zistle so I can keep track of what I have and maybe what I want. But mostly to track what I have. I guess in deciding to upload and scan in a set that I recently acquired, I failed to realize that I would need to do nearly 100 scans, and then I would have to manipulate those 100ish scans into 350 or so individual pictures of the fronts and backs of cards. And in doing research on this set I found out that I am missing entirely a parallel to the base set that includes 137 more cards. I don't know if I will chase that parallel or not.

I also finally got around to putting a few things up on eBay that I've been meaning to sell for quite some time. I am hoping that the proceeds will offset a hobby box or so of 2014 Topps Heritage. We'll see if the bidding is in my favor.

My NCAA bracket is doing okay so far. Cards on Cards set up a contest (with valuable prizes!) and 31 people signed up for it. I am proud of the fact that I went 16 for 16 on the first day of the tournament, but that ended quickly with several straight missed picks on day two. However, my Final Four picks are still alive and I am currently tied for first in the group again after my pick Connecticut beat Villanova tonight. I get the feeling that I am going down soon, though, as my bracket will be busted by one of the teams from Michigan.

And none of that has to do with the card pictured above or the title of this post. The card is a 2012 Press Pass Showcase Elite Exhibit card of Danica Patrick. It is some sort of red foil parallel, and is numbered 12 / 25, making it a Christmas card. You know, because if you read the serial number as if it were a date you get December 25th. Don't credit me with that idea, though. Baseball Card Breakdown runs a whole series on 12 / 25 cards during the run-up to Christmas. This card even has a nice red and green theme to it, although I don't think that lime color is the green usually associated with the Christmas holiday. I thought that this was another acetate card, but when I went downstairs to find the cards I posted on eBay this evening, I stumbled across it and saw that it was just regular cardboard and foil. Oh well. It's still a pretty decent card.

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