12 March 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 50: The Real Cardboard Equivalent of Kate Upton

Judson over at My Cardboard Habit recently posted about some flashy Nelson Cruz Topps Triple Threads card that he acquired after winning it on eBay twice. In that post he referred to the card as 'the cardboard equivalent of Kate Upton.' I like the guy, but in this case he was wrong. This is the cardboard equivalent of Kate Upton:

There she is, right on the front. This particular card even has a piece of an old t-shirt from her closet embedded in it. Pretty good stuff. There is an autographed version out there, but the going rate for that thing goes well into the triple digits and boxes of 2012 Allen & Ginter's go for $100 and up with presumably a snowball's chance in hell of pulling the Upton auto from any given box. I like pop culture on my trading cards, but even I have limits.

So there you go, everyone. That's what the real cardboard equivalent of Kate Upton looks like. It even gets most of its fame in the same way the real Kate Upton does, being ogled by sports fans while wearing an itty-bitty swatch of fabric.

Yes, I put Kate Upton's name in the post title and in the body of the post a couple of times to drive search engine traffic to my blog and give me a little ego boost when my hit counter spikes. This blog is nothing if not self-serving. I also take a little bit of glee in the fact that many of those folks out there searching for Kate Upton will be angry and feel a little bit slighted when their searches bring them to a blog about baseball cards.

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