26 March 2018

Another Thank You Post

I made a post just a couple of days ago, thanking Jon from A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts for a mailing, but in digging through my stacks of cards and paper I found another card from him that requires a post. This one wasn't in an envelope, but it had a note wrapped around it, mentioning the serial number.

This card comes from the 2015 Panini Cooperstown Induction Images insert set. It's a Gold parallel of Goose Gossage, the HOF reliever whose cards I collect. The serial number on this one is # 12 / 25, which makes it a coveted 'Christmas Card,' because if you write the date for Christmas out numerically you get 12/25. I like Christmas Cards, and I collect them, but I can't take credit for the idea. Blogger defgav over at Baseball Card Breakdown has an extensive Christmas Card collection, and has done at least a couple series' of posts showcasing his Christmas Card collection. I gladly stole his idea, though, and I will take a Christmas Card when I can get it.

Hopefully as I dig through these piles I will be able to match up some more cards with their senders, so that I can properly thank the people who have been so generous to my collection. Thanks for the card, Jon!


  1. I wondered if you had ever got this one or not, but I guess I don't have to anymore. Until last year I had never come across any 12/25 cards before, and then I found two at the same show, which was pretty neat, the only problem was that they both fit into collections of other bloggers more then mine, so...

    1. I'm very sorry that I didn't send some sort of acknowledgement of receipt. I was out of town a lot and got behind last year, and I never really got caught up. I hope to do better in the future. There is always a bit of internal conflict when you find cards that are cool, but that might fit better into other collections. Thank you for thinking of me!