10 May 2018

Pack of the Day 186: A Blaster of 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter

I picked this blaster up last year in July or August, while I was in San Diego on a work trip. I am hoping this will be a quick blog post, as I promised myself that I would go to be early, and it is currently much later than early.

Here is what the front of the box looks like. Pretty standard stuff for Allen & Ginter.

Here are the pack odds from the side of the box. Nothing too crazy there, either.

Here are some of the base cards that stood out to me at the time. This would have been right in the middle of Judge-mania, so that card was a pretty good pull. It would be funny if that Giant Panda card was a photo variation of a Pablo Sandoval card, but it's just a regular card.

I'm assuming that these four cards are short prints. The only one here that I would be likely to scan otherwise is the Harmon Killebrew card. Then there are four What a Day inserts, with the highlight of those being a Ken Griffey Jr. card.

I got some minis, including a regular Willie Stargell, an A & G back Elvis Andrus, a Black Border Alex Reyes, and a surprisingly rare (1:50 packs) Required Reading insert. I also got Steven Matz and a horse.

These World's Fair and Revolutionary Battles inserts aren't all that rare. Neither card really interests me, but I appreciate the wide range of topics covered by Allen & Ginter.

The Sport Fish & Fishing Lures insert is more my style, and I pulled two of those. It's kind of cool how Topps made the fish look like a mini insert embedded in a full-size card with the cattails and the lure. The final card I scanned is a relic card of Mookie Betts. Retail hits are pretty difficult pulls in this product so I feel like I beat the odds in getting this one.


  1. Betts not a bad pull right now

    1. Betts is the #1 player in fantasy baseball right now. The top 5 are:

      Mookie Betts
      Mike Trout
      Ozzie Albies
      A.J. Pollack
      Javier Baez

    2. Well, that's the top 5 batters. If you include pitchers, the top 5 are:

      Mookie Betts
      Gerrit Cole
      Mike Trout
      Justin Verlander
      Max Scherzer

  2. Replies
    1. It was built for the World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. Go watch The Simpsons episode Bart On The Road.

    2. There you have it! Apparently it's a gimmicky building that is sometimes occupied by restaurants.

  3. Congratulations on pulling the sweet Mookie!

  4. Nice blog. Allen & Ginter is always one of my favorite sets. I always look forward to the new designs.