17 October 2016

Late to the Party - 2016 Topps Stadium Club Set

A couple of months ago I finally grabbed a set of 2016 Topps Stadium Club. I think that makes me officially pretty late to the Stadium Club party this year. I picked out a few cards that I liked to scan and post here on my blog. Most of them have probably been seen on the blogosphere before, but I needed a couple more baseball posts to boost my ratio and this seemed like an easy way to do it. I've got thirteen posts in my draft folder right now, and the mix is pretty short on your traditional big four sports:

Baseball - 4
Basketball - 1
Wrestling - 1
Comics - 2
Racing - 1
MMA - 3
Star Wars - 1

I was actually pretty surprised to see so many baseball posts. I don't have a lot of baseball stuff coming in these days. It can be hard to find new cards when your main PC guys are not stars, and in some cases didn't even get back onto the big-league roster this season.

I wish the Astros had built on their success from last year, but the Rangers ran away with the Division and every time Houston got within spitting distance of a Wild Card spot, they would drop a couple of series' to bad teams and lose just enough to keep themselves out of the race. They need something more if they want to be a true powerhouse, but somehow I think they'll keep falling just a little bit short. Maybe I'm just pessimistic right now because they are out of the tournament and other teams are in. Either way, that's a pretty good shot of Altuve and Rasmus.

I like that photo of Dennis Eckersley, too. I don't even know what the A's are going to do now. It seems like they've pretty well blown up the roster, but now what?

That Adam Eaton card proved a little prophetic, as in August he hit a grand slam while blowing a bubble with his gum. That Randal Grichuk photo is pretty epic, and Marquis Grissom is a rare Expos sighting. Finally, we get a picture of creepy Randy Johnson staring over his glove at the backside of squinty Randy Johnson.

Something must be wrong with me if I am posting two Atlanta Braves in the same post, let alone the same scan. I thought the Smoltz photo was pretty good, and I like fielding shots where you can see the faces of fans in the crowd. Just think, that's what you look like when you're watching a sporting event.

That Jorge Soler photo is decent, although wouldn't it be that much better if the photo was zoomed out just a bit more so you could see his whole hand? Same with Smoltz' cap?

I also enjoyed seeing that photo of Robin Yount advertising for Honda. I love my motorcycles, but I never got into dirtbikes. Probably some kind of repressed trauma thing from the time I burnt my legs on the exhaust of my dad's dirtbike. Or the time our new dog attacked me and I fell back into that same motorcycle, knocking it over. I've still got a dimple scar on my forearm from that bite. Apparently the dog's previous owner had been mistreated by their son, who was about my age at the time. Hmm, that wasn't really a place I planned on going with this post.

There are plenty of nice horizontal shots in this set. Here are a few of them. I start things off with a couple of nice batting shots, with Brandon Phillips and Nolan Arenado. The Phillips card qualifies as a Tatooine shot, I believe. Adam Jones gets a nice photo as he prepares to attack a teammate with a victory pie (or is it cake?), a practice the Orioles banned during the off-season for safety reasons.

I thought that Lou Brock play at the plate photo was pretty cool, especially the little details like the bat in the dirt and his helmet about to fly off. Dat butt, tho, on the catcher. Andre Ethier gets a nice circus fielding shot. Again, I wish this photo had been cropped a little differently so that we could see the faces of those four fans in the background. This post closes out with a Cards on Cards picture of Evan Longoria in front of himself on a giant-sized trading card. Meta!

I do like the Stadium Club sets that Topps has put out the last few years. They've got some nice photography. I think the 2014 set looked the most like the Stadium Club sets of the early 90's, but the 2015 and 2016 designs do an all right job of making the photo the focus of the card.


  1. I completely pased this year but they do look good. One specific card I had to do a double take on was the Adam Jones. From a distance it looks like a figure on the pie but I guess it's on his shirt.

    1. Yeah, it looks like Nike's Griffey logo.

  2. The Grichuk photo may be the best photo on a baseball card ever...truly incredible!

    1. That photo is pretty nice. It's definitely up there on the list. I don't have nearly the comprehensive knowledge of baseball card history to determine whether it's the best ever, though.