26 October 2016

Pack of the Day 144: 2016 Topps UFC Chronicles

When I made my (relatively) recent order from Blowout Cards, I tossed in a pack of 2016 Topps UFC Chronicles. This product was put out in a jumbo pack format, so you get a decent number of cards (40) and a 1:2 chance at pulling a hit of some kind. Each box contains 10 packs with 5 hits, made up of 3 relics and 2 autographs. Additionally, there are parallels and inserts.

Apparently this is my third pack break post of this stuff. I guess I must like it. I have to admit that I've been using the same scan of the pack front, though. Scanning is kind of a pain, so I will reuse a photo if I can.

The base cards don't really break any new ground. I think I showed that Robbie Lawler card in one of the other pack break posts. I just like cards that show title belts in the photo.

I guess I showed these cards in those other posts, too. There's nothing new under the sun, especially on this blog.

I got a couple of Black & White parallels in this pack. They are numbered out of # / 188. This is probably the best-looking parallel in the product. It would make for a cool set to collect, but I don't think I have the drive for something like that right now.

I was flipping through the images during my photo editing, and this happened. I don't know why it makes me laugh to see Holly Holm and Joe Lauzon switch places, but it does and I made a gif of it.

These must be the Silver parallels. Some pretty decent photos in this batch, especially that submission attempt on the Brandao card. Silvers are unnumbered and are barely distinguishable from the base cards.

Here are the inserts from the pack. I got a Fight Poster, an Octagon of Honor insert of Demetrious Johnson, a Victorious Debut of Jimi Manuwa, and an autograph of Yoel Romero. I can't complain too much about pulling a hit. Romero's autograph looks kind of funny since it's offset way to the left. It looks like he got interrupted halfway through writing his name.

Today's post is a little light on content, I suppose. Sometimes it's hard to get something written. The UFC had a stretch there with an event every weekend, but they've taken a bit of a break and there haven't been any fights for a little bit. There are some good fight cards coming up, though, so I have that to look forward to.


  1. The Holly Holm card has to be my favorite of the pack.

    1. It is a pretty good photo. She's had a couple of rough losses since her big win over Rousey. It will be interesting to see what her next fight is.