27 October 2016

Cloak & Dagger Sketch Card by Ryan van der Draaij

Cloak and Dagger are some of my favorite under-the-radar comic book characters. They first showed up in comics in 1982 as minor characters in a Spider-Man book, but were popular enough to get their own run of titles (sharing a title with Dr. Strange for part of their run) that lasted for a total of 49 issues. I've got all of those comics in my collection, but it's been a while since I read them. In the years since their stand-alone series was cancelled, they have popped up from time to time, but never for more than a few issues. Apparently they are slated to get their own TV show in the near future, but I don't know anything about it beyond the announcement of the series. I am even worse at keeping up with shows and movies than I am at keeping up on reading my monthly comic subscriptions.

I picked up this sketch card featuring Cloak & Dagger from eBay. The artist is Ryan van der Draaij, whose work I've had on my watch list for a long time. The sketch was drawn for 2013 Upper Deck Marvel Fleer Retro. I think it's a nicely-done sketch that captures the characters very well. I think this is my 4th sketch card featuring Cloak and/or Dagger, so this is turning into a real PC for me. I'll be keeping an eye out for more, as their light/dark power sets make for some good artwork.


  1. Are you looking forward to the Dr. Strange movie?

    1. I am so far behind on the Marvel movies. I think I'd have to watch seven or eight films to get caught up. I haven't even hardly looked at the press for Dr. Strange. I didn't realize the release date for it was so soon. I'll probably watch it eventually.