20 October 2016

Sorting Things Out

I've been putting off the organization of my collection for a long time now. The last time I made a big push at it was in November/December 2014, but that effort got sidetracked and I never really got back on track with it. It's a bad situation, and it restricts my ability to enjoy my hobby because I can never find the cards I am looking for among all the boxes and stacks.

This week I have begun the work of digging my way out of the cardboard pile. I tend to put projects off until I have the perfect plan laid out, but that usually means the projects never get off the ground. In reality I find that I get a lot more done if I just get started and roll with whichever step my motivation carries me to. I grabbed a 5000-count box at random from my desk and started in on it, sorting by sport/topic, then by year, then by set, then by numerical/alphabetical order. I haven't been paying too much attention to ordering within a given sport's years, though, sometimes putting Opening Day in front of flagship Topps and sometimes putting it behind. I'll probably get that sort of stuff ironed out over time, as I sort 5000-count boxes and then combine them.

The biggest question I've come across so far is how to deal with player collections. The box I started with happens to have a large number of my Nolan Ryan and Jamie Moyer cards. Do I separate them out into their own block, or do I put them in among the rest of the collection? When does a player collection officially become something that gets set aside? What if a single card is pulling double duty as a player collection card and part of a complete set?

Sketch cards present similar questions. Do I keep all of my artwork together? Do I keep sketches with the sets they came from? What about PSC's that aren't printed on licensed card stock? In this case I will probably keep all of my art cards together, sorted by character or artist.

I have set the Nolan Ryan and Jamie Moyer cards from the first monster box aside for the moment. There is plenty of other stuff to get through, and I can't let those questions keep me from the bulk sorting.

This 2015 Topps Museum Collection Momentous Material Relic Card of Jon Singleton is one of those player collection cards whose sorting status remains in question. The internet tells me that this must be the Gold parallel, numbered # 08 / 10. Pretty fancy stuff. Jon Singleton stayed in AAA all year in 2016, where he led the Fresno Grizzlies in home runs, but probably didn't produce enough to earn a promotion. Rumor has it that he might get traded or might continue to provide depth in the Astros' minor league system, with an outside shot at getting called back up to the MLB roster some day.


  1. Here's some motivation for you: http://thecollectivemind.blogspot.com/2016/09/my-card-roomor-room-and-half-actually.html

    I eventually found that I had to have second copies of all (50+) of my player collections to go with their respective sets. Just doesn't work for me to have holes in one or the other. Though Nolan Ryan would be one of the toughest (and most expensive) in your case...

    1. You've got an enviable card-space. I am hoping to get mine to a similar point over the next few months. I think that for me, it will be enough to have one copy of each card. When I settle on a way to catalogue my collection, it will probably be electronically, so I will be able to sort and filter to see them listed either way.

  2. I went through this same process, I am still kind of working on it too. I don't have the problem of sets anymore so I am not in the same boat as you in that way but this always seems to be an ongoing process for me.

    1. I made it through my second large box today. I don't mind sorting when I have big stacks of cards from the same set. The part that gets me down is player or team lots that have just a couple of cards from each set over a span of 15 years.