15 October 2016

A Mary Lynn Rajskub Autograph Pick-Up

A while back I pulled a printing plate autograph from a box of Topps Star Wars Evolution cards, and decided it was probably worth more to someone else than it was to me. I got a couple of lowball offers on it that I declined, and then a couple of days with no action at all where I wondered if maybe I had misjudged the market on the card. Finally an offer came in that was right about where I'd estimated the card should sell for, so I accepted it without countering and found myself with a decent little chunk of Paypal.

Around that same time, this Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O'Brian autograph card from the Comic Images 24: Season 3 set showed up on eBay for about $10 less than the lowest of the listings I'd been watching for several months. I went ahead and grabbed it. I don't know that the silver ink on a silver background thing works well, but out of the handful of autographs Rajskub has among the 24 releases, this is the easiest one to find.

Unlike the relic card I picked up a while ago, this one isn't serially-numbered. It does, however, mention that this is one out of 600 copies produced. I already addressed this, but there is variation among the different releases as to the spelling of O'Brian in the character's name, with some saying O'Brian and some (like this one) saying O'Brien. The IMDB page for the show uses O'Brian, so that's the one I go with.


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    1. Just looked that up on YouTube. Totally obnoxious! Another popular show I've never watched.